friends with murder

Album: undead country gold (2011)

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Song: fall in love

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we are
Ian acoustic bass - vocals
Morgan electric banjo - vocals
and now Chris tiny drums and maybe vocals

Friends With Murder was formed over ten years ago when Ian and Morgan were *forced to sit next to each other* in middle school. Our first full length was recorded that **very same weekend** and had over 30 songs on it. From there FWM turned into Nice Boys and Show Show with Kevin Rodeheaver. The band was on and off over the next several years playing an average of ***one show a year 1999-2007***. After the last hiatus the band reformed with Ian on drums, Morgan on his ****half bass half guitar invention**** using the original name(F W M ). Slowly it was discovered a shared enjoyment of *****older country music*****, the band moved in this direction. Putting Morgan on banjo - hi hat and Ian on bass and bass drum. Several shows this way demanded a permanent drummer. Chris COTTETA was an obvious choice being the only person to admit being a fan of Nice Boys and Show Show and living right in between Morgan and Ian's houses.

*Ian sat at the Dungeons and Dragons table where Morgan was forced to sit as punishment*
**may have been the next weekend**
***that's not true***
****ill sell it to you - it has two pick ups and two outputs - two bass strings two guitar strings**** $250
*****hillbilly moonshine stomp and ballads*****

please contact

Ian at



for ******shows****** or whatever else

******we will play in or near your house, in a barn, moonshine still, VFW, factory, loft, flat, store, field, graveyard, funeral, wake, park, crib(both homie house and child variety), bar, bedroom, basement, crawlspace, and where else you can think of******